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Earthing is for everyone at all times! And this is a very convenient way to do it right in your home for you and your pets. By wearing shoes we are now very INSULATED and have lost connection to a valuable source of healthy energies which we get from the ground, THE EARTH! This also gets rid of body's build up of static electricity. wonderful ALL AROUND Dr. Cimone EARTHING MAT is for, Pets, under the computer, on your chair, sofa, bed, floor, etc..

Easy to clean and tangible enough for ALL!


*Dr. Cimone Kamei sits on the board of advisor of the Earthing


(Integrative and lifestyle medicine strategies should include

Earthing(grounding):Review of research evidence and clinical observations)



Earthing Mat for ALL! ~for PETSs, Chairs, Floors, Under Computer, Bed etc.)

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