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Jujube specialize in DETOX,  Earthing , Counseling, Physical Therapy based from ancient martial arts Kobujutsu. We use total "treatment methods" using only the "natural medical" mordalities and detoxification to treat all dis-eases
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Shop for CBD PRODUCT are all based from our company based in Japan. Please be prepared to buy in Japanese currency YEN which is easy to do through the credit card system which equates the value immediately. (Items will be shipped from Japan). Thank you.

Noni & Lan
Jujube Hawaii's 5 ELEMENTs of WELLNESS
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Our Oriental Medicinal Institution La'au Lapa'au Traditional and Indigenous Hawai'ian ALOHA MEDICINE is located in Hononolulu Hawai'i.  We also have our Retreat Treatment Programs for so called Western Medicine's "HARD TO TREAT DISEASES" at ISUMI CHIBA, JAPAN .   WATCH:U-tube


      Jujube's basic concept for HEALTH and BEAUTY begins with detoxifying the Peripheral Vascular Space and UNHEALTHY MICROBIOTA (Intestinal Bacteria). Getting rid of pain and aches which also stresses the emotion is next. Jujube believes in treating the body physically, emotionally and spiritually in a very holistic, non chemical, natural ways.
      Symptoms are very much minded, however, the focus is never forgotten which is to heal and treat the cause of the DIS-EASE. Our monoism approach is that the symptom is a messenger from deep within to tell our patients to heed and listen to their body. Sometimes two very different parts of your body mirrors it's counter part. If you are having problems with the mobility of your jaw do to clenching and grinding, the cause maybe your pelvis! By releasing the stress of the muscles in your abdomen caused maybe by your unspoken feelings and holding patterns your jaw will feel much relaxed. We can understand the otherwise odd body connections when we go back to the embryological development stage when every parts of you were developed inside insurmountable amount of all the FASCIA.
      The cohered fascia due to just simply being dehydrated, contains every organs, muscle, nerve, bone, etc. can become smooth and mobile when the patient has a Jujube session of POLARITY LOMI.  There are many cases when the patients being diagnosed by western hospitals, they are scared and overwhelmed. The complication of heart and brain to a point of needing surgery can at times be merely dehydration.
          Our belief is that every DIS-EASE is treatable.
      We are not going to be nonchalant but also it maybe sometimes wise to take a second look.  As the similarity of the endocrine system and the KI meridian points of acupuncture which has been around 4000 years is very profound and surprising as well. Of course we at Jujube being also an Oriental Medicine Clinic, acupuncture, cupping, etc. is what we do best...
...and while treating you, you can rest assure that we are mirroring your every organs examining your tongue and your pulse which reflects your 5 ZANG 6FU.

     We will work with your Doctor if need be to help you get off the too many chemical drugs safely so that your MICROBIOTA becomes healthy and there for your immune system will kick in to support you.

      Jujube believes that any and every health issues can get better. 


  Jujube Clinic is Holistic medical clinic based on unifying concept of Oriental medicine, Ayurveda medicine, Hawaiian Laau Lapa’au medicine and other concepts of healing, including in moderation modern western medicine. Along with combining all the modalities of healing, primary focus is on improving state of the blood to good quality, since thousands of diseases originates from poor blood condition.

This is done through many detoxification method, combined with life style change from grounding (Earthing) which gets rid of static electricity in the body to diet improvement, therefore the patients are able to heal the root of the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. 

     Jujube methodology works with many health complains, including general pain to ailments as high blood pressure,  high cholesterol.  Not limited to diseases of auto immune disorders, diabetes and cancer (as cancer support) with great results. Regardless of type of diseases and treatment method, back to the original concept is about taking care of the blood. This is the true root cause of diseases.  It is done so by applying methods based on life science based on vitalism.

     Because Jujube method fits in to the base of other healing modalities, this healing system has been utilized in many health professionals, and works as primary medicine in the Native Hawaiian nation, and is on the path to a continual growth with many medical and healing professionals. Jujube's healing method that includes improving natural environment as human ground, along with human consciousness is now known as “Aloha Medicine”.


 Recovery Channel (Jujube’s You-tube channel 1/2 ENGLISH &JAPANESE) working with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Pancreatic Cancer patients.



Are you tired of feeling dis-eased and sick?

Dr. Cimone Kamei, Mashu Kamei and all our staff will help!

DIRECTOR: Dr. Cimone Kamei & Mashu Kamei 

     Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (D.Ac.). Institute of Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ICAOM). Representative Doctor of Juju’be Clinic, Honolulu, Hawaii. Representative of LAND OF ALOHA World Peace project. Director of Black-belt association Wago-Kobujyutsu SHITOUKAN.

     Both brothers are born in Kanagawa, raised in Hawaii. When they were in high school their mother fell ill with numerous brain tumours, hemiplegia and other complications which would have been quite difficult for just conventional western medicine alone to cure. Late Dr. Young inspired Cimone and Mashu tremendously. After observing his mother’s recovery utilizing oriental medicine and natural food method, they became convinced and both aspired to the path of Oriental Medicine.


     They joined the family establishment, Jujube Clinic, and developed the Integrated medical method utilizing Osteopathy, Ayurveda, Hawaiian Medicine, Indigenous healing methods and western medicine concept uniting it to establish his original holistic method. He is known for the treatment of many different diseases and discomfort symptoms. Through Land of Aloha World Peace Project, we have structured the united medical method “Aloha Medicine” with Dr. Morishita Keiichi and other authoritative experts. 



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All treatment is done while EARTHING 
Jujube' s core treatment stands on the base concept of  Dr. Keiichi Morishita's 
"Intestinal Hemopoiesis" & "Terminal of the Open Ended Peripheral Blood Vessel".  
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