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Pet friendly probiotics for
           *strengthening the immune system
           *reduce bad breath and healthier teeth
           *helps with nervous anxieties
           *good energy                                                                 

Active Hemp Carbon (hemp charcoal powder)
Charcoal is utilized for medical purposes in Europe and the United States, and in addition to the excellent clinical data and experience reports of safe and harmless activated charcoal, it is also attracting attention for its adsorption of harmful substances, toxins, and radioactive materials. Furthermore, hemp charcoal powder is four times more porous than binchotan and 1.6 times more porous than bamboo charcoal. This means that it has many microscopic holes that have a strong ability to absorb harmful chemicals. This charcoal is naturally baked without any chemical or gas treatment, and has porousness on the level of activated carbon.

EM is a community of useful microorganisms that can be effectively used for all kinds of fermentation, agriculture, and environmental purification, in addition to activating the work of the countless microorganisms that exist in our bodies and on our skin. In particular, the EM Special Enzymes cultivated on Miyakojima Island, which are used in the hemp charcoal powder, are enzymes fermented with natural plants and other substances on Miyakojima Island, and are made by focusing on the pleasure of microorganisms and sensing their voices, so they are full of microbial ecstasy and orgasm. Microbial symbiotic hemp charcoal is a gift from the universe that brings harmony and joy to our minds and bodies. It is a charcoal that is porous to the level of activated charcoal just by being naturally baked into it.


Fights Aging, Supports Heart Health and Promotes Muscle Strength

NMN is the purest and highest quality pharmaceutical grade NMN in the world. It has been third-party tested by an independent laboratory in the United States to ensure its reliability and purity.

NMN is absorbed directly into the blood vessels in the mouth and under the tongue, which increases the bioavailability of the product. In this way, NMN avoids digestion in the digestive tract and can be more rapidly delivered to the bloodstream.

* NMN supplementation has been shown to support a variety of health indicators, including endurance, muscle strength, nerve function, heart health, body weight, and gene expression.

* Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a derivative of the B vitamin niacin, which is known to promote health and longevity by acting as a precursor to NAD+.

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