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Dr.Cimone's earthing mat is part of a proprietary design of earthing technology incorparted into everyday use to enhance a grounding flow into the body. 


Earthing is a health practice in which you go barefoot and touch your feet directly to the earth, thereby discharging static electricity from your body to the earth through your feet and at the same time taking in free electrons from the earth.


It is important to have good blood circulation to improve the supply of oxygen, especially when exercising. It is also good to have a supply of electrons to fill your energy. The more you exercise, the more blood flow you get.


The friction between blood cells and blood vessels generates even more static electricity in the body. Therefore, being able to do Earthing during exercise is fundamental to good health, as it creates a synergistic effect between exercise and Earthing.


The Earthing Juga Mat was made with this point in mind. It can be used not only for juga, but also for yoga, martial arts, and various other exercises. Dr. Cimone Kamei is one of the authors of the medical journal from Elsevier on EARTHING: アーシング論文(Dr.Cimone共同発表エルゼビア発行EXPLORE医科学ジャーナル)「代替医療と生活習慣医学の方策としてアーシング(グラウンディング)の勧め:研究立証と臨床の評価」 Earthing Scientific medical Journal Integrative and lifestyle medicine strategies should include Earthing(grounding):Review of research evidence and clinical observations.


アメリカ合衆国連邦政府運営 アメリカ国立医学図書館提示


Dr. Cimone Kamei is on the board of the Earthing Institute:



Earthing Jugah Mat

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