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Jena, our founder and creator is celebrating 50 years!!!! of using this technique to help women across the world naturally firm and lift the V-line of their face. We have now designed and created a wrap you can easily use in the comfort of your own home, everyday. This fabric stretches just right to lift saggy skin on the neck and chin and train it to stay lifted and beautiful. The adjustability of the velcro at the edge of the straps allows a universal fit for most face sizes large to small.

WASH OFF YOUR MAKE UP and on top of clean skin smooth on the gel than just wrap! Pull the wrap after it is onto the back so that you will be softly pulling the face skin away from the nostrils. Do not crunch and make wrinkles!






Cleopatra Wrap Kit (WITH DETOX GEL!) クレオパトラ・ラップ・キット (デトックス・ジェル含む)

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