Opinion on Vaccination

Opinion on Vaccination

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Satoshi Utsumi M.D.


Graduated from the University of Tsukuba, College of Medicine

Researcher, Institute of Oriental Medicine, Tokyo Women's Medical University

Worked in the Department of Gastroenterology, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Hospital

Worked at the Department of Internal Medicine and Chinese Medicine, Ushiku Aiwa General Hospital

August 2006 Opened the Ushiku Oriental Medicine Clinic

April 2013 Opened the present clinic and the present non-profit organization

Medical registration number 413617, June 7, 2000

My name is Utsumi and I lived in Hawaii until August 2019. Although I am from Japan, I would like to submit my opinion on vaccines objectively as a physician and drug researcher.

1. what is a vaccine and acquired immunity

2. Vaccine components and content of the package insert

3. History of Vaccine Harm

4. a study showing that the vaccine was ineffective1

5. a study showing that the vaccine was ineffective2

6. side effects and sequelae of vaccines

7. Conclusion

I. What is vaccine and what is acquired immunity

First of all, as a researcher of the history and literature on drug damage, I have taken a very critical and negative position on vaccines. Vaccines (vaccinations) are defined as "drugs that are made from pathogens (especially viruses) and inoculated into the human body or animals under the name of vaccination to generate antibodies in the body for prevention".

However, I would like to point out that the human body's immunity has many different structures, and it cannot become essential immunity if all of them do not function. In other words, vaccines are injected without regard to these various structures, and so they are ineffective or cause various harmful effects.

The good representation of acquired immunity is that once you get measles or mumps, you no longer get it, which many ordinary citizens have heard about. This point should be remembered as a first step.

II.Vaccine components

The vaccine is made up of the following ingredients as such, that's a rudimentary thing that's listed in the official document ( or an attachment). If a vaccine is on the agenda, you'll want to look at these attached document.


Mercury is an major neurotoxin and is still in the world's flu vaccines (the multiple-dose type). The most toxic of all metals is mercury, and some of you may have heard of its horror from Minamata disease. It is known, when you inoculate this major neurotoxin, it is absorbed much more readily than ingesting it orally through eating, and can cause abnormalities in the immune system, and most of all, it is known to accumulate in the brain and cause abnormalities in the brain.


A poison that has potential to cause degeneration of bone, bone marrow and brain. Aluminum adjuvants have been added to recent vaccines which ofcourse includes Cervical Cancer Vaccines. A typical adjuvant is aluminum hydroxide, which has been shown to have a perishing effect on the motor neurons in the brain.

・Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Monosodium Glutamate is an ingredient in so-called condiments, but it is subject to regulation and self-restraint in many countries, and when it is in vaccines it can easily cross the cerebral barrier and affect the brain, resulting in epilepsy, convulsions and destruction of the appetite center.