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Don't eat food that is contaminated with deodorants, waxes, pesticides, environmental hormones, putrefactive bacteria, bacteria that can cause food poisoning, and many other contaminants! Keep your food fresh and self-preventive, it's a win-win! Say "goodbye" to even E. coli!


100% natural sanitizer! The raw material is 100% shells, so you can rest assured! High temperature calcined shell calcium powder.

Make a bowl of water and put your vegetables about 3 minutes for leafs in it with 1g of Doktor.

Bigger veggies as egg plant, cucumbers, all kinds of fruits leave in 30 minutes.

Meats and fish separate them from the veggies and keep the bowl in the refregerator as you detox them. Depending on the size of the meats over night. Rice will be about 20 seconds. With white rice you will see the color change in rice! It tastes much better though!

The produce will lasts 3 times longer in refregerator when you air dry the vegetables and put it in a plastic bag and refrigerate. Rinse off the calcium before serving!





100%天然除菌剤です! 原料はホッキ貝殻100%なので安心です!高温焼成した、貝殻焼成カルシウム粉末.






DOKTOR is 100% natural sanitizer for food produce ドクトール(100g)

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