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Oriental Medical Detox

In the infinity of life where you are, all is perfect, beautiful and complete… is the positive statement we have ready for you at JuJu'be…

Our goal is for you to become “Healthy Beauty”

For your health and beauty, JuJu'be focus on treatment to maximize your natural healing power and self realization, based on two basic theories of Oriental Medicine: Polarity - Everything is maintained by balances of the contrast. Holistic - All is formed by each thing's balances.

For a long time, we have been supporting to refine the manifestation of any disease (eczema, cancer, diabetes, menopause, prostate abnormalities, climacteric complaints, headache, joint pain, depression, etc), while helping you to be even more beautiful. Our work has been praised by many clients.

For individual who wants to be slim, or anxious about blemishes, acne, or sagging, try our Healing Therapy. An amazing result can be anticipated in relatively short time with our "Inside-Out Approach".

At JuJu'be we concentrate on restoring the body`s natural balance and promoting strong bodily circulation.

Part of our basic therapy, acupuncture and polarity therapy is to improve the function of internal organs by healing the endocrine secretion system, by correcting the energetic flow of the vital current. (Endocrine system is also the center of Qi or vital electrical current) In U.S., this energy concept was first approved by NIH (National Institute of Health). In our basic therapy, Physical correction of the spinal alignment, by using cranial adjustment method is also utilized along with energetic healing, to achieve healing from both aspects, energetically and physically.

Cleopatra Wrap


90minutes $135

What is "Cleopatra Wrap"?
Cleopatra Wrap

Cleopatra Wrap tightens the soft tissue and removes accumulated fat, toxin and waste by wrapping body with stretchable bandages soaked in JuJu’be Cleaopatra Solution (Patent Pending).

Reduce your size in just one hour!

Immediate effect! Average reduction for the first time is about 15cm for women and about 10cm for men. Sculpture your body in ideal proportion.

Skin will be so clean and smooth by activating the drainage of lymph of your skin surface.

Total body care!

Cleopatra Wrap&Thunder Water

What is “Sculpture”?

Sculpture is a technique to perform “Body Wrap” and “Body Shaping” simultaneously. At JuJu’be, we perform “Sculpturing” to reduce size and trim the shape of the body while performing the total body skin care. Sculpturing is a work of art by removing the fat, toxin and waste from the body, while trimming the body line.

While performing “Trim Wrap”, transfer the excess fat from underarm to bust.
While performing “Trim Wrap”, transfer the excess fat from lower hip to the upper hip.

Immediate visible effect

1. After the “Cleopatra Wrap”, you will notice the clothes you were wearing before the treatment is loose.

2. We measure parts of your body before and after the “Cleopatra Wrap”. (Upper arm, waist, hip, etc.) Differences in measurement before and after are your reduction.

Beautiful waist line with JuJu’be “Cleaopatra Wrap”!

Face can be wrapped, too?
after before

Smaller face line while getting Face-Lift!!

Smooth skin with superior quality mineral, herb, and solution consisting “Thunder Water”!!!

What is “Thunder Water”?

“Thunder Water” is the water converted by using a device that generates arc jet, which has the same temperature as the heat of the sun and the same power as the shockwave of thunder. Molecule of JuJu’be’s “thunder Water”, which was made with this powerful arc jet, is extremely small and penetrates into every corner of cells. In addition, thunder waves’ strong vitality revives the cells in your body.

Invented by a winner of World Invention Exhibition Gold Award in New York, “Thunder Water” measures 18,200QRS (Quantum Resonance Spectrometer QRS) to the skin, which is measured by wave measuring machine. This is a phenomenal figure that is scientifically proven. (For your information, tap water is negative 29QRS and mineral water is negative 2QRS)

As you can see, JuJu’be’s products are safe consisting “Thunder Water” with high waver counts, with high quality mineral and herb, every thing is natural, but extremely effective. We do not use any animal components.

Become slim with “Combination therapy”!?

Combination therapy is consisted of combination of 3 types of therapies, lying on C.S.T. (Jaded thermal therapy bed) while wrapped with Cleopatra Wrap, listening to Pele’s Sound Therapy for ear points therapy, to achieve a synergistic effect. This therapy focuses to be slim; however, a remarkable effect is seen even on cellulite and other skin diseases.

Cleopatra Wrap

1. Cleopatra Wrap - Slim therapy by disposing the excess fluid and metabolic waste (toxins) by wrapping body with bandage soaked in oriental medicine’s herbs with diuretic effect.

Pele 2. Pele - Therapy equipment that plays sound with healing effect while performing ear points therapy. While relaxing the body, you can gain your natural human healing power by supporting the secretion of good hormones such as serotonin.

CST 3. CST - Jaded bed heated with helium gas for thermal therapy. This therapy improves the flow of blood and lymph by permeating the thermal energy into the body. At the same time, it performs chiropractic treatment by adjusting the spine and loosening the muscles. In addition, it has moxibustion effect and strengthens the internal organs.

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Ear Candle

Ear Candle

It is said that Ear candle have been used for thousands of years by ancient people in Atlantis, land of Mu, India, China, Egypt and American Indians.

Inside the human ear, there are small holes amounts to 4,000, which are connected to the various parts of the body such as sinuses, eyes, bones, and lymphoid lines. Nerves and meridians of the body are all connected to ears. Ear wax is made inside the gland around the ear hole and discharged through the small holes. It is made 24/7; therefore, ear wax gets clogged inside the small holes. Clogged ear wax will accumulate and crush against the nerves and meridians, stopping the transmission to the nerve or flow of the air.

s mentioned the above, organs of the human body are all connected to the nerves or meridians of the ear; therefore, disrupting the transmission or delaying the flow of air will cause some difficulties to organs, or even whole body. Cleaning the ear with cotton swab will only get rid of debris; however, Ear Candle can effectively suck out the ear wax clogged inside the small holes with traditional natural medicine and herbs.

Foot Sui-na

Foot Sui-na

1 time $45

Juju’be Foot Sui-na is a technique to regain health by removing accumulated waste inside the skin of your feet while stimulating pressure points of the feet.

Due to the gravity, waste inside the human body accumulates to the very bottom end, feet. Identity of the wastes is old metabolic waste such as uric acid and other toxins which should have been disposed naturally. Almost all the modern people have this old metabolic waste accumulated in their feet.

In the past, people had many opportunities to be barefoot, and shoes were stiff. Naturally, feet were massaged by walking. Old metabolic waste were rubbed and crushed, making it easy for body to dispose out of the body.

Another reason is due to the recent environmental pollution and the worst quality drinking water and food.

Modern people breathe the polluted air and drink the water containing large amount of chemicals. On top of that, most of the food contains preservatives and chemical seasonings. Human body cannot catch up with disposing this much toxins. Because of the gravity of the earth and body’s defense mechanism to push away the toxin from the internal organs, wastes are accumulated to the feet.

Regain your natural health by removing the waste with Foot Sui-na.

Cranial Correction

Cranial Correction is a therapy to regain health by adjusting the skull. Skull is formed with 22 bones, which are stuck together like puzzle pieces. Perfectly aligned pieces of skull bones are very rare. Most of the people have slight distortion. Cranial Adjustment is a therapy to correct the distortion of the skull by aligning those bones.

Inner part of the skull has a strong membrane called dura as a lining. Dura mater also wraps the spinal cord and it is connected all the way from skull to sacrum bone via inside of the spine. Therefore, skull, cervical bone, thoracic spine, and lumbar spine can all be considered as one set of organization. Also, skull has a movement similar to breathing called “Primary respiratory movement”. It keeps expanding and contracting every five to ten seconds.

Human body is made to adjust the spine by moving the dura mater by primary breathing exercise of the skull; therefore, if the skull’s movement is bad, spinal alignment will be affected.

Active primary respiratory movement of the skull will make dura mater more active, which will make better alignment of the spine. Alignment the spine may improve the nerve function by loosening the excessive contraction of overall nerves. More than 80% of the human’s nerves start from the brain. Adjusting the distortion of skull, which surrounds the brain, will lighten the pressure to the brain, relax the whole nerves, and align the spine, removing the pressure from all nerves including the central nerve. As a result, natural healing power will be active. Healing effect is infinity.

We also recommend adjusting the distortion as precaution. Recently, everybody has some troubles due to the distortion of the skull.

One of the reasons is because of the decrease in natural child birth. Modern medicine, such as anesthetic injection, and modern medical tools are to blame. Principal of the natural birth has a deep meaning. Going through the birth canal, baby’s head is contracted by pressure, and coming out to this world, the head will expand. This event is a kick start of life and the start of primary breathing exercise. People who are born with caesarean section may never experience the full benefit of proper primary respiratory movement.

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