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Cleopatra's Wrap

Cleopatra’s wrap is a fundamental treatment for both health and beauty. The patient is completely wrapped from head to toe in bandages that are soaked with herbal poultice. This will drain the body of metabolic waste and stagnant lymph fluid, providing detoxification. Cleopatra’s wrap was first developed for the treatment of skin rash, by helping to remove toxic fluid from the body. However, an additional benefit is that it also causes the patient to lose body weight and improves skin tone, making it very effective for aesthetic purposes as well.

Consultation available for chronic clinical conditions, pain management, preventive care, beauty and cosmetic care, weight loss program, etc. Preventive medicine seminar (monthly on first Wednesday from 6 pm.)

Cleopatra Wrap&Thunder Water

Holistic Treatment

Cleopatra’s Full Body Wrap

Includes a foot Sui-na. 2.5hours $160.00

Standard Body Wrap 2hours $135.00

Lower Body Wrap 2hours $130.00

Abdomen Wrap 90minutes $75.00

Leg Wrap 90minutes $75.00


traditional treatment for inducing circulation, pain relief and is used in the treatment of chronic diseases.



Foot Sui-na

Removes the metabolic blockage from the feet. Induces circulation in the entire body. Treats general foot pain such as plantar faciitis, etc.



Cranium Correction

Corrects the cranium arrangement to realign the spine. The core treatment for optimum health...


Cranium-Pelvis Correction

Corrects the pelvis alignment. treatment for low back pain and over all health.



Jade Ion Therapy

Treatment on the Jade massagebed for induceing circulation.



Ear Candling

Ear candling is a traditional and relaxing technique that has been around for thousands of years to clear lymphatic obstruction from head and ears.

60minutes $65.00

Proper nourishment

Lightning water, herbal medicine, and whole food nutrition are prescribed during treatment and detoxification.


Intensive Detoxification Program

Dramaticlly improves the body condition. Combines fasting, nutritional therapy, detoxification, and all of the treatments together to achieve wellness. (Infomation available)

Massage Therapy

We offer an array of choices. Shiatsu is a very effective, deep pressure point massage. LomiLomi is traditional Hawaiian massage and helps in inducing circulation. Swedish is a relaxing massage using large strokes to relax the muscles.

60minutes $85.00
90minutes $130.00

Polarity LomiLomi Massage

Polarity Lomi Lomi combines the Lomi Lomi which enhances circulation and energetic treatment of polarity.

2hours $160.00


Facial Care

Cleopatra's Facial

75minutes $75.00

Our basic facial includes cleansing, lymph drainage, and is combined with Cleopatra’s facial wrap that is used to detoxify and rejuvenate the skin.

Color Light Acupuncture Facial

2hours $150.00

Cleopatra’s facial combined with micro-current needle-less acupuncture, and color light therapy for total facial rejuvenation.


Combination Course

Full Body Cleanse

Cleopatra's Full Body Wrap ・ Ear Candling, ・ Polarity Lomi Lomi

5hours $320.00

Head Cleanse

Ear Candling ・ Micro Color Facial ・ Cranium Correction

90minutes $240.00



French Manicure:$30.00




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